My interest in 770
I became interested in 770 just a bit before it hit the shops. After getting mine, I was immediately in awe of the devices potential. Video playback was excellent, but only supported some specific formats. Well, off I went and created a small bat for myself to make the conversions. When I tried to explain other people on how to do the same, I noticed that even as easy as it was for me, it was not the same for everybody. I decided to make a easy to use tool for converting videos to Nokia 770. Thus Media Converter was born.
MC turned pretty quickly to be quite a success, although bugs came in often and were severe much too often. Thanks for folks at internettablettalk forums for bearing with me.
Soon followed theme maker, a program for making themes for 770. This was much harder project for me. Although 770 supported theming pretty well, the documentation wasn’t obvious and testing took quite a bit of time. I started theming initially just to be able to set my 770 to use a smaller font. Theming has still not turned to be as popular as I’ve been hoping for, but I hope that will change.
About Urho Konttori
Name: Urho Konttori
Age: 29
Birthday: March 25th
Studies at the University of Helsinki trying to finish off his Masters thesis.
Major: Computer Science
Working as a freelancer programmer. New projects are welcome!
Looking for new (full time) job opportunities after finishing off the studies (hopefully) by the end of the year.